Presidents Message October 2016



We are proud to announce that the Sydney St Patrick’s Day Celebrations will be back in 2017 at the new venue of Prince Alfred Park. The celebrations have been held here before in years past proving popular with it’s positioning.

Due to strategic and logistical issues there will be not be a Parade (as such) in 2017 but we are hopeful the Sydney St Patrick’s Day Parade will return in 2018.

The committee is working extremely hard and looking for support from the Irish Australian Community to fund these Celebrations.

There will be a big emphasis on improving the quality of the celebrations and to ensure that they are fully inclusive. Fun for all ages!


Green Gathering St. Patricks Day Sydney



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  1. Eamon King February 19, 2017 Reply

    Don't forget a few CHRISTY MOORE. Songs By the Sutherland Brothers.

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