The Sydney St. Patrick’s Day Organisation is a not for profit organisation managed by a group of professional volunteers. The day is made possible thanks to the efforts of the volunteer committee and the team of individuals who give up their time before, during and after the event. This year’s committee brings together experience, creativity and dedication to build a world class event known locally and internationally.

The organisation founded a committee to take responsibility to revitalise St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the city and to create a family orientated, multicultural event with an emphasis on community involvement.


Our Mission

To deliver to the greater community of Sydney a world class St. Patrick’s Day celebration. A professionally organised event that reflects the true nature of a progressive, diverse and modern Irish community.

The 2017/18 Leadership Team

  • Robert Kineavy
    Robert Kineavy President
  • Pam O’Mahoney
    Pam O’Mahoney Vice President
  • Noreen Breen
    Noreen Breen Treasurer
  • Caroline Quinn
    Caroline Quinn Secretary
  • Karen Murphy
    Karen Murphy Events
  • Eimear O’Farrell
    Eimear O’Farrell Fundraising
  • Leanne Higgins
    Leanne Higgins Marketing
  • Robert Brouder
    Robert Brouder Logistics
  • Cathy Brazil
    Cathy Brazil HR & Volunteer

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